TPP: Aurenz Anna4 (kb4649)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare 2015
  • Aurenz Anna4

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Within the Swyx Technology Partner Programme (TPP) the Analysis software Anna4 from Aurenz was successfully tested against a SwyxWare 2015 and reaches therefore the level certified.



Anna4 analyses the availability of the entire company and of individual groups and analyses the individual telephony behaviour of single employees. Anna4 analyses the call detail records (CDRs) on a file base that are supplied by the SwyxWare.

The tests with Anna4 were performed with a TwoInOne installation from Aurenz.

SwyxWare configuration

In the 'Call Detail Records' tab of the SwyxWare properties, the recording of the call details must be configured. The option 'Call Detail Records into Text File' must be selected. In the field 'External numbers', the option 'Store complete number' must be selected.

If Anna4 will be installed on a different server, the folder which contains the CDR file, must be shared for read access. It must be considered to maintain possible existing shares.

Installation of Ann4

For standard installtions, the default settings from the installation assistant can be accepted. As telephone system 'SwyxWare (ab Release 8)' and as kind of connection 'Scan folder' must be selected. The area code of the default location must be set, as well as the (UNC)-path to the CDR file. Since it is possible that there is more than on CDR file, the actual file name should be specified as cdr*.txt with wildcard. Additional individual settings (Groups, group member etc.) must be configured according to the Anna4 documentation.

Performed tests

  • External inbound calls
    • Accepted directly
    • Accepted on forwarding
    • Accepted on transfer
  • External inbound lost calls
    • Rejected
    • Busy
    • Timeout
    • Called terminated call before accepting the call
  • Inbound group calls
  • Inbound calls to a scripting user

The analysis made by Anna4 corresponded to the performed scenarios.


  • In Anna4 it is not possible to assign a group member to a specific group or to consider if a user is member of multiple groups
  • Calls to a scripting user can only be analysed limited. Accepted call will only be assigned to the user who finally has accepted the call. Lost calls will always be assigned to the scripting user. A detailed analysis of the attempted call deliveries cannot be performed.


Testdate and versions
24/11/2014, Anna4 V8.3.06 with SwyxWare2015


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